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New single dwelling & swimming pool for the extended family

About the project

This new dwelling is currently under construction. The brief was a for a comfortable single level living home with a separate guest area and a large basement garage. The site was an existing shale quarry, a very baron site. But this brings with it an opportunity to rehabilitate the land back to its natural beauty. Earth will be bought in to fill in around the basement garage level to bring up the ground levels to historic levels. Ironically the site is also in a Scenic Protection Area which tells of the beautiful views around the site. The dwelling has expansive views to the north of the mountains around.

Site constraints: bushfire prone land with a Bal rating of Bal 40 on three elevations and Bal 29 on the northern elevation), old shale quarry

Authority Approvals: Shoalhaven City Council Development Application for:

  • consolidation of two rural lots

  • new single dwelling & swimming pool

  • new large farm shed

  • viewing deck on existing dam

Contractors: JW Concrete Constructions, Murray Jones Building

Structural Engineer: MSL Consulting Engineers

Landscape Architect: DSB Landscape Architects

Construction Certificate: AIS Certifiers

currently under construction

south east view.png


EXISTING SITE - once a desolate shale quarry. 

Ironically the site is in a Scenic Protection area of the Shoalhaven, it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and  picturesque views to the north 

Council approvals required consolation of the two rural lots  into one.


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